Visitor Management System Process Flow

Visitor Management System Key Features

Visitor Pre-Appointment

The host can always make a pre-appointment of their visitor by giving the arrival details of their visitor and notify reception and security officials about their visitor & it saves the host’s & visitor’s time too.

Visitor Check-In & Check-Out through OTP

Visitor’s verification is done through OTP. Therefore, the details of the visitor are accurate and cannot be tampered with

Allow/Deny Feature

When a visitor arrives, host gives them a meeting confirmation through the “Allow/Deny” feature & after that visitor pass will be generated

Overstay Alert

If visitor stays more then a given meeting duration time or did not check-out from the premises , then an automatic alert notification gets delivered to the host & security person via SMS/Email

Blacklist Visitors

If there is a need to blacklist a visitor, that can also be done. And if in future the same visitor tries to check-in, their name shall be flashed under the blacklisted customer.

Capture ID Details

Along with the OTP verification, Third Eye captures ID details of all the visitors who comes to your premises for security reasons and then stores it in the administrator portal so that it can be easily retrieved whenever required.

Visitor Check-in Notification

If the host doesn’t immediately allow or deny it’s visitor’s arrival confirmation, then they will be sent a reminder again regarding the same.

Visitor Re-Visit

If a visitor is visiting the premises again, their details will be flashed immediately as soon as the name is entered.

By-Pass Provision

If a senior official visitor has arrived, their pass will be generated quickly and they won’t require the permission of the host to enter. In case the host with whom the meeting was fixed is not present, then the visitor shall be appointed to some other employee of the organisation on the host’s behalf.

Custom Reports

Our objective is to provide our clients with a fully featured security system that is customizable and cost-effective according to our client's needs. We have always believed that our growth is directly related to our client's growth.

Visitor Reports & Analytics

Reports can be quickly and automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly visitation reports using custom data points. In case of emergency, its easy to track visitors check-in and check-out timings and it also records purpose of visit from anywhere, anytime.

Visitor Badges

Third Eye prints custom visitor badges that helps the host to easily recognize visitors as well as their credentials, clearance levels and store the information for future references.

Other Integration

Server Integration
Biometric Integration
Bar Code / QR Integration
Multiple Administrator Login Panel
RFID Reader Integration
Kiosk System
Tablet Based System
Customized Visitor Management System Software
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