"Bid Adieu to the Manual Visitor Sign in Process & Build Secure Digitized Premises"

III EYE Visitor Management System provides you with a professional and safe approach to identify,
get to know and administer your visitors.

III EYE Overview

Safety and wellbeing comes first in every institution. III EYE takes immense pleasure in welcoming you to the new transformed era of Visitor Management System that provides you with a secure and safe lifestyle. Along with a promise of your safekeeping, this modern technique is also time saving and promises a full proof identification of the visitor.

It's high time you change the Old Manual Visitor Sign-In procedure with this New and Advanced Visitor Management Solutions that provides you with a digitized premises that is also secure.

III EYE Visitor Management System is an ingenious web-stationed along with a mobile app based visitor Check-In and management that provides you with a lot more than just an entry book in your reception area.

Not only does it strengthen the security of business foundation, but has also proven to be an enhanced experience for the employees as well as the visitors.

Visitor Check-in Check-out Process


Secure Visitor details in Cloud Server
Cloud Server Based System

We provide an amazing and progressive cloud server based system that tracks helps you track your visitor whenever and wherever you want to with the help of web or our mobile app.

Replacing the existing manual sign in process, it brings in a digital advancement. All the information gets stored and is available as per requirement in the digital storage. And this cloud server storage has unlimited capacity which can store unlimited data for lifetime.

Visitor Pass and Notification

The host gets a notification on their mobile app, displaying the picture and details of the visitor as soon as they check-in and also provides them with a customized visitor ID badges.

Attendance Report for Regular Visitors
Regulated Visitor Management

With the help of III EYE you can generate a daily, weekly or even monthly reports of your daily visitors such as your plumber, electrician, maid, cook, etc. in order to check and maintain their attendance.



Consumes a lot of time in attending the visitor and to his needs.

The visitor has to wait until the host has been informed of the arrival.

Records maintained in registers cannot be saved for a longer period of time.

In case of an investigation, it becomes very difficult to track a visitor as sometimes, some people even fraud their identity and it consumes a lot of time.

Data mentioned in the register is easily available to anybody who wants to see it and therefore, can misuse it.

People can use some other name and due to no facial identity recording, they would not even be identified.

The host does not get know who is visiting them until they arrive, and the one who is arriving can be an unknown too.


All you have to do is just greet the visitor and let III EYE do the work for you in a lesser amount of time.

After the visitor verification, host will get an instant notification.

All the records of each and every person who has ever entered your premises can be stored for a lifetime, all thanks to our Cloud/Client Based Server.

With the help of III EYE features that include mobile verification and photo identity, it doesn't take more than 20 seconds to identify the issue in hand.

When it comes to III EYE, only the authorized person can see and manage the data, and hence, there is no scope for any kind of misuse of the data.

A pass is issued to every visitor who enters your premises with their photo and barcode printed on it.

In III EYE, the host gets immediate alert informing them about the arrival of their visitor along with their photo.

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