III Eye is a fully digitized system, therefore it consolidates the visitor sign-in procedure by capturing the visitor's image, verifying their mobile number, sending immediate visitor notification to the host, and printing them a visitor's pass.

This system has been built keeping in mind the safety and security of the employees, so that only the verified visitors have access in the premises and that too for a particular mentioned amount of time.

All the visitors in the premises will be tracked by the III Eye. Also, it allows easy resurgence of visitor's information which it then exports for further analysis.

A secure cloud stores all the documentation and the information for as much time as you like. So now you no more need to clear previous data in order to store new one!

  • Cloud / Client Server based architecture

  • Host get instant notification with visitor's photo on their Mobile App, whenever a Visitor Checks-In

  • Host can maintain appointments in his Mobile App

  • Visitor Pass will be printed for visitor

  • Save records of the visitor in the Database

  • Printed passes information is being displayed live on the Reception Desk

  • Whenever allotted time exceeds the limit of the visitor, information will display in red color

  • Pre-Appointment visitors list will be displayed on module and Mobile App of Host

  • Check-out visitors from facility with exit security code

  • Automatically fill the information of the visitor visited second time onwards from the server through a mobile number

  • Print Visitors reports as and when required

  • Live Report of a visitor can be generated

  • Check in & Check out status report can be generated

  • Non visited visitors report (Pre Appointed Visitor)

  • Backup for data safety

  • Centralized database of multiple locations