With the help of III Eye Digital Visitor Management, you can now welcome your visitors with a modern sign-in system which is fully professional and takes just a few moments to use. Along with delivering our best services to our clients, we also believe in keeping the privacy and security of the visitors' personal information.

Schools and colleges have experienced a lot of criminal activities in the past few years. Parents no more feel safe sending their children to school. This Digital Visitor Sign-In System assures that all the information of the people picking up and dropping the kids will be secured and can be retracted anytime you want. And also, visitor reports can be printed whenever required.

Also for institutes, III Eye can prove to be a technology of secure approach. Another one of its attractive features is that the host can also maintain appointments with the help of our Mobile App.

And whenever the visitor needs to check out, they will need the exit security code from the institute's facility.

  • Cloud / Client Server based architecture

  • Host get instant notification with visitor's photo on their Mobile App, whenever a Visitor Checks-In

  • Host can maintain appointments in his Mobile App

  • Visitor Pass will be printed for visitor

  • Save records of the visitor in the Database

  • Printed passes information is being displayed live on the Reception Desk

  • Whenever allotted time exceeds the limit of the visitor, information will display in red color

  • Pre-Appointment visitors list will be displayed on module and Mobile App of Host

  • Check-out visitors from facility with exit security code

  • Automatically fill the information of the visitor visited second time onwards from the server through a mobile number

  • Print Visitors reports as and when required

  • Live Report of a visitor can be generated

  • Check in & Check out status report can be generated

  • Non visited visitors report (Pre Appointed Visitor)

  • Backup for data safety

  • Centralized database of multiple locations