III Eye Solutions being a revolutionary web-based visitor management system, provides you with all the tracking details of your visitor. It kicks out the ancient manual visitor sign-in and brings in a modern approach that is also secure. It provides you with the actual tracking of the visitor, keeping the real time of their entry and exits. And all of this information is stored on digital media and is easily available when required.

Also, III Eye Visitor Management Software also makes you the charge of screening and verifying for both singular or multiple entry points.

  • Replace the Manual Visitor sign-in process

  • Visitor verification through OTP

  • Instant notification to the Resident via SMS on their Guest arrival

  • Visitor pass system whenever required

  • Capture photos of Visitors to identify them

  • Online Visitor report for incident investigation

  • Blacklisted Visitor

  • Maintains Visitor log

  • Resident confirmation for visitor entry through Allow / Deny features

  • Resident can pre-inform to security about their visitor for reducing waiting time

  • Maid / Regular Visitors Check-In & Check-Out through registered mobile

  • Maid / Regular Visitors Check-In & Check-Out through Biometric system

  • Maid / Cook / Regular Visitor entry & exit notification to the Resident

  • Monthly attendance report for Maid / Cook / Regular Visitor

  • Update tenant details only by the Owner

  • Resident panel manage through Mobile app

  • Do not Disturb feature for resident

  • Gate Pass for goods exit

  • Vehicle tracking system

  • Complaint box panel for Resident

  • SMS alert for visitor overstay

  • Event notification panel for Society Administrator

  • Society Administrator can monitor security from anywhere anytime

  • Separate panel for Security Guard, Resident & Society Administrator