About Us
III EYE Overview

III EYE Surveillance Private Limited is a next-gen technology that is guided by a team for innovative and qualified professionals who believe in making a change by looking at things differently.

III EYE presents to you a unique software- Visitor Management System (VMS) which is not just a user-friendly software, but its eco-friendly too. You no more need to maintain that ancient manual entry book that you need to fill up every time. So you can go paperless now without having to worry about where you will store so much data, all thanks to its Cloud Based Software which helps you store as much data as you look for as long as you need. You can log in anytime, anywhere and authorize this data. It is easily available over web, android and even iOS.

We have a team of highly trained professionals, who are committed, capable and ambitious with the highest work ethics. We have always believed in addressing a problem with multiple frame of references and then evolve a solution keeping the area of distress in mind.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to provide our clients with a better and safer style of living. And III EYE has its main inclination towards security. Our main objective is to ensure

that every organization should get this VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (VMS) where you have the power to control everything in your hands. Be it storing information on our Cloud Based Server, or issuing entry passes for the people who are visiting your organization, you have the authorization to grant the permission.

And it's high time we stop the wastage of paper and go eco-friendly with our new and innovative III EYE Visitor Management System.

Our Mission

Our mission is to BID ADIEU to the ancient manual visitor sign-in means and build you a FULLY FEATURED AND SECURED DIGITIZED PREMISES. This will be an asset to your organization as you no more need to worry about storing and maintaining authentic records for lifetime.

Why Choose Us?

When dealing with a big company or an organization, you get many visitors on a daily basis. Now, keeping the safety of your organization in mind, III EYE has come up with this new technology altogether, which takes over the ancient sign-in technique by a digital modern means, which maintains and stores your records in a more convenient way that suits your need.

Our objective is to provide our clients with a fully featured security system that is customizable and cost-effective according to our client's needs.

We have always believed that our growth is directly related to our client's growth.